Troubleshooting Guide

I don’t see the NFT collection I’m looking for. Why are certain NFTs not showing up?

There are three situations where NFTs will not be loaded into Unsellable:

I'm seeing VERY high gas fees quoted when I go to sell my selected NFTs. How can I fix that?

We do our best to filter out spam NFT collections or collections with corrupt contracts, but sometimes they still sneak through. This is usually what causes astronomical gas fees. Airdropped NFTs can also cause issues. If you have any NFTs that match the above in your attempted transaction, try going back to the Select NFTs page and remove those types of NFTs or any that feel sketchy. That typically solves the problem for most people.

If it's still showing high gas prices, try a removing more collections until you can isolate a problematic collection. We love when customers share problematic collections with us so we can blacklist them from our tool and help other fellow NFT holders, so feel free to reach out on Twitter or in our support chat tool in the bottom right corner of the screen!

Still need help? Reach out to us directly!

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