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What types of NFTs do you support?
What does it cost to use Unsellable?
How many NFTs can I sell at once?
Will this count as a Tax Write-Off?
How much will I get for my NFT?
What will happen to my NFT after you buy it?
Can I buy my NFT back after I sell it?
How do I connect my wallet?
After connecting my wallet, I see NFTs listed that I don’t recognize. What’s up with that?
Why are some of my NFTs not showing up after connecting my wallet?
Will I still have to pay gas fees if my transaction fails?
Does this site work on a smartphone/tablet?

The only way to optimize your taxes is to work directly with a Crypto-competent CPA to strategize your individual tax scenario. Unsellable can help you sell your worthless, illiquid NFTs in order to realize the loss officially, but we can’t provide individual tax advice or guarantee results. It’s important to work with a knowledgable CPA, or at minimum use a professional crypto tax accounting software, to analyze your unique, specific tax situation.

We work with the tax professionals at Gordon Law Group. They can help you craft your tax strategy, unlock deductions, and keep your taxes clear and legitimate. Learn more about a 30 minute consultation with an experienced NFT & Crypto tax professional.

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