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Supports ERC-721 + ERC-1150
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Is a free consultation right for me?

Consulting with an experienced tax attorney with vast NFT and Crypto experience will almost always save you money.

As investors, we never want to spend more money. But if you don’t know what you don’t know about NFT taxes, you are very likely leaving major tax savings on the table by not having a specific strategy.

In our experience, investing in seasoned guidance and advice almost always delivers a strong ROI.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Schedule your consultation (it's confidential) with an experienced nft + crypto tax pro
  2. Develop the most effective tax strategy for your unique situation
  3. Minimize your tax burden and hold on to more of your gains

Why did we partner with Gordon Law?

We’ve strategically partnered with award-winning, seasoned professionals that have been advising on crypto and NFT tax planning since 2014. 

Gordon Law Group is an industry leader in cryptocurrency tax law, and they consult everyone from casual traders to major coin developers, helping maximize profits while protecting investors under the law.

GLG is experienced in leveraging every opportunity for investors in this constantly changing field, planning your most effective cryptocurrency tax strategy, unlocking every deduction, and avoiding legal pitfalls of any kind.


Customer Testimonials

“Where other advice would have led me to risk an IRS audit, he helped me file with confidence and no doubts that I filed correctly. Could not recommend them enough — worth every penny!”         - Joe
“Very intelligent, fast to respond, and genuinely sounds like a good person. I will be using again for years to come!”          - Justin
“Couldn’t have been more professional and more knowledgeable in this space. It was the most stress-free, seamless tax season I have had to date in my 4 years conducting cryptocurrency transactions. It’s a no brainer that I will be a lifelong customer of theirs.”        - Rio
“The preparation of cryptocurrency tax return is NOT rocket science — it’s harder! I prefer to spend my time investing in cryptocurrency and leaving the tax preparation to the tax attorneys and accountants at the Gordon Law Group.”        - Richard

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